• Cooking With Love at 4:30pm

We are planning for our 3rd Annual "Roberta Wilde Memorial Golf Outing" to be held on Sunday, September 21.  2:30pm for golf and 6:30pm for the Pot Luck at Floyd Golf Course!  Committee planners include Donnin Custer, Kevin Allman, and members of the Mission/Outreach Committee.

Roberta's passing was a loss but her support of the CROP Walk continues to be celebrated!  Free will contributions for CROP will be accepted at the potluck.

St. Mark Inclusivity Statement

"We are a community that values and celebrates diversity in order to fulfill the work of the Holy Trinity.  Examples of now existing diversity in our congregation, which we intend to nurture, grow, and celebrate include, but are not limited to, persons of varying: race, national and ethnic origin, age, sexual orientation, gender identity, economic circumstance, mental/physical health, political persuasion, and theological perspective.  As a congregation, we pledge to demonstrate not only through words, but our actions that when we say all are welcome, we really mean it.”